Say no or yes, trust me!

Getting the opportunity to work for COSI as a Volunteer and Community Resources Office Assistant, I was not that excited. I realized that I can’t master my schedule. My time seems extremely limited to me. Actually, I have several important goals this quarter. I have to successfully pass the PHR exam, I have to do well in two tough American Law Seminars, which is pretty tough for international students, I have to work hard to understand Six Sigma Black Belt and get Green Belt certificate. I also have to write an excellent internship paper, since I invited an excellent, experienced Fisher leader to be my internship adviser. Additionally, I have to be responsible for my leadership role in FGWIB. Last, but not least, I have to work for the Department of Physics as administrative assistant.

I contacted my mentor as well as Steve Singer, who is the excellent MLHR career adviser at Fisher. They definitely gave me valuable advice. I finally realized that I should align my short-term goals with long-term goals. I want to be an HR generalist within 5 years. So it is very important that I develop different kinds of HR skills now. Also, I need to have a broad understanding of various functions of business.

I think it is time to say no to some work and pay more attention to my own HR professional development. I am the owner of myself. Trust me!