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Last week drove me crazy– because of the career fair!

Time seems to fly with all the work in each course, but the highlight of this week was the career fair last Wednesday. Although I may not put much expectation on this event to get interviews, it is really frustrating… just arriving here for so short a time, I don’t see any advantage over local undergraduates, though we’re pursuing master degrees. Citizenship and language skills are biggest obstacles, and I cannot tell which one is a more severe issue. Actually, they are mutually related so it makes it more frustrating.

Facing this situation, I decide to modify my job-hunting strategies. Competing with local students is obviously not a wise choice. On the contrary, I think international students should take advantages of our foreign language skills, which cannot be easily substituted by local students. Keep on networking and try to get an internship. I still need more experience to update my resume.

It is really stressful to consider both coursework and job-hunting–too many but necessary things to do. My friend and I have determined to help each other to fulfill these tasks. Time management is really important. This seems to bring me back to those days when I prepared for GRE–simple objectives, specific plans, following them on time, tired but I was really productive. We’re going to live a “scheduled life,” reading before classes, doing homework, researching companies and position openings, and still have time to work out and engage in other leisure activities. The first solution we’ve come up with is to split up our jobs – we’ll try it out next week to see if it works!

Author: Yi Sui

Work hard and have fun!