Tips for International Students on Fisher Career Fair

I attended the 2010 Fisher Fall Career Fair held in the Ohio Union on Wednesday, October 6th. Here are some recommendations and tips for international students according to my experience.

Have a strategy for the Career Fair before going

By saying strategy, I mostly refer to a clear understanding of which companies to be your target ones. Rank them in several groups by your interests and their job availabilities (mostly by availabilities) and plan differently for firms in each group. Don’t automatically skip the ones which don’t consider international students for sometimes they do change their policies if you are really good, or at the very least you can practice your “pitch” and ease your tension by talking with those good-tempered and smiling representatives. I spoke with a few companies which don’t normally consider international candidates and surprisingly had a few pleasant conversations.

Dress professionally

I strongly recommend that international students bring at least one professional suit and one set of business casual clothes to the US. I never thought we would be attending so many occasions that require dressing professionally. Suits in US are often big and expensive, especially for Asians.

Be confident

You probably won’t get an internship or a job just because you are confident, but you could lose an opportunity merely by not acting confidently. You are an HR person who should be a master of communication.

Do (good) follow-up

You should plan on speaking with at least 15 companies’ representatives during the Career fair. As a result, you will have to remember and digest a lot of information. I advise to review all materials given by representatives and information associated with the job or internship positions right after you walk out of the ball room.