Weekend Update

Ah, the fan-demonium begins
Probably rooting for TP's return
Game time
Windy & Crisp, perfect for football
I tried to tell 'em a storm was brewin....

Well boys and girls, I promised a few pics from last weekend’s bachelor party debauchery in Chicago.  The nice thing about making promises, is the ability to break a promise.  Don’t worry this post will have pics.  It just won’t have any from what happened in Chicago.  Oh no.  That is absolutely classified info.   I could tell you but then … well, some things are best left unsaid.

So what pics will I post?  Funny you would ask.  We do have some great pics from Champaign IL where we helped infuriate middle-aged Illinois fans who didn’t realize OSU fans bring the pain.  By pain I’m referring to our ridiculous hangovers, incessant chanting, and of course 50 beach balls with the groom’s face plastered all over them.  Yea for a weekend we were those guys.  No worries,  at our advanced age we may never have fun like that again.  And on that note enjoy the pics….