Going to my first Ohio State football game


Hi guys, how have you been this week?  If you happened to check my blog last week, you may remember that I promised to write something interesting this week.  This is it — The football game!  This is the first live football game that I have ever watched. (I wouldn’t say this is the first football game I watched, since I watched the football game last weekend on TV and tried to learn at least the most basic rules about it.)

As a student from China, I have never known anything about football, but I would say that I really enjoy the game yesterday afternoon.  I went out yesterday morning, wearing the red “OSU” T-shirt. (Do you see the picture below?  We all wore red, it’s our school color!).  You wouldn’t believe how many people there were walking in the street towards the stadium for the game if you hadn’t been here.

It was great to be there and watch the game.  I got excited and hopped up and down when OSU got a touchdown. “O-H-I-O”,  I shouted again and again together with people sitting around me, got involved with the cheering crowd, and enjoyed every joyful moment during the game.

If you have never been to an OSU football game, I highly recommend you go to at least one.  You don’t even need to understand anything about football: just be there, enjoy it, and gain an unforgettable experience in your life~~