Crazy City Already

Aaaaaannnnddd now it starts to get intense.

Reading everyone else’s blogs, I have seen everyone give their advice on how to manage time, reading, stats, jobs, personal lives, etc., and I clearly need to adopt a buddy/life counselor because this week was insane.

Adjusting to graduate school has been kind of a challenge.  The academic work load has been intense.  With all the reading, trying to learn statistics, and now balancing group projects has been difficult.  Ever since starting, I always feel behind and not caught up on anything.

Working 30 hours a week has been hard too.  I have changed my work schedule every week.  I think I am going to work longer shifts on Mondays and Fridays, and shorter shifts on the days I have classes so I have time to work out and read before class.  I am not sure if I am going to be able to work 30.  I might cut back to 25 until I can fully get adjusted to graduate school.

Since starting graduate school, I have been eating breakfast, eating fairly healthy, sleeping, and exercising.  So I was super mad that I got sick on Monday.  I was thinking “I am doing everything right – WHY am I getting sick?”  People in class probably thought I was being super anti-social when I isolated myself from everyone in class, and then had to present with another classmate on the subject of working in teams vs having unions (note: because both of us were coughing so much we were only half of a person).  I didn’t have time to rest, so I inundated my immune system with DayQuil and garlic pills, so I felt fine by the end of the week.  I normally get sick when I am stressed, but I didn’t start getting stressed until after I got sick.

My friends who graduated with me in June visited this past weekend.  It was obviously a good time, and I missed them.  But I also think that my friends that I already have in Columbus are preventing me from hanging out with people in the program.  They always go to the Varsity Club after class on Thursdays (which I still haven’t gone because I have to read and watch Jersey Shore after).  I normally am the social one of the group, but since I don’t know them that well I think I haven’t been as outgoing.  I think I am going to try and organize a social on Friday so hopefully they can see “Fun Garren.”

I hope I have adjusted by the next blog!

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