Best pizza in the land?

Hey everyone, today I will begin the first of many reviews of pizza joints. Whenever I spend considerable time in any particular city, I make it a habit to figure out what pizza restaurant is most deserving of my dining dollars. While I could go off in to euphoric memory about real New York pizza (not that Famous Rays stuff), I must live in the moment. How does pizza here fare?

Well, if Hound Dogs is any sort of signal of whats to come, I think I’ll be enjoying my occasional pizza outing. I was skeptical walking in my first time. I take pizza seriously and this place seemed to not take anything seriously. But that is exactly what makes the atmosphere so amazing! It didn’t take long to let the neon flavored lights and chalk inspired wall art to sink in. People were attracted from all walks of life. I saw a father and son stopping on their way home from a peewee league football game, a group of students having a girls’ night out, some Columbus natives, and even a few people who insisted on wearing sunglasses at night.

My group of friends were good sports and let me choose one of the pizzas to try. All I can say is try the cheeseburger pizza and go for garlic crust. This pizza is your fanfare favorite sort. It’s heavy and doesn’t sacrifice taste for health. The best part? It’s open 24 hours a day! If you’re a pizza lover, check back from time to time for my impressions of other local flavors.

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  1. Jet’s is great if you like deep dish; Flyer’s is a winner if you don’t… Why the flight-themed pizza places are my favorites, I couldn’t say.

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