The Honeymoon Phase?

It’s so nice and refreshing to walk down the halls of Fisher and see a fellow First-Year. It’s so predictable. Eye contact is made. The smiles on each face grow wide. Eyebrows arch with excitement, and before you even know it your hand is up and waving frantically as you emphatically screech “HEY!!! How ARE you!? Did you finish that Accounting! Oh man, I know it was so hard! Ok, bye talk to you later!!!!” This typically happens while walking briskly from one class to the next in 12 minutes while making a stop 3 floors down in the Graduate Programs Office for some great coffee. (Thanks Alisa!)

There aren’t enough exclamation points to properly illustrate just how happily and excitedly the above exchange is carried out. Sure there are several variations but the point is still pretty much the same. My class is in absolute love with each other.

It’s great! We text each other to wish safe travels for weekend trips. We text each other when one of us goes missing from a tailgate. One of my classmates even took the time to put “Helmet Stickers” on everyone’s Facebook page that had contributed to the last few tailgates. *Insert collective “awwwww“* I’ve played games with the children of my classmates and laughed with their wives. My classmates welcomed my boyfriend with open arms at the tailgate so much so I think they may like him more. These people are great!

When we went to Summit Vision for our outdoor adventure I baked muffins for my team. I know some of my classmates meet up every Wednesday for Happy Hour at Brazenhead. We can’t get enough of each other! My team even tries to book the same study room as the one that we were initially assigned to when we first met. One of my classmates checks on me via GChat when he knows we have an assignment due just to make sure that I’m not having any problems or need any questions answered.

Right now in my life it’s God, Family, and my new best friends, the Class of 2012. It’s like a Rom-Dramedy. It’s as if we’re running across the Ohio State Oval hand in hand with Sunflowers in our hair. Even when we disagree or someone talks too long in class, there’s always an assuring smile and forgiveness comes swift.

I’m so excited that I’m terrified. How long will this last?! Can it last? I have friends at other B-Schools who are already plotting to be on the next episode of Snapped. Many of them felt that way from Day 1. I can’t think of many things that could tear us apart. Some of us live in Fisher Commons and so they have a very tight bond, while the rest of us are spread out all over the city. However that hasn’t really been an issue in terms of the First-Year Love Fest. I really can’t think of anything that could disrupt this euphoria.

As the quarter carries on and the stress level increases, I see more of my classmates reaching out and offering support versus seizing the opportunity to take advantage. There’s friendly competition but it doesn’t stop us from giving each other interview tips despite aiming for the same company.

Even as I type this I find my heartstrings pulling a little bit because really, I love these guys.

I suppose this is a good thing considering this is at worst a two-year relationship and at best a lifetime one. I tell ya, they weren’t kidding when they said that “fit” is extremely important when selecting a Business School. My advice to any prospective out there is to spend some time on campus. Look around and see how the students interact with each other. If you come to Fisher you’ll witness plenty of the above exchanges all in a matter of minutes between class.

I’ve asked several of my classmates what they think about this and they all agree. We’re going to have lots of challenges and may even get irritated with each other, but we have the tools, the respect, and the willingness to push through all of that and come out on top. To be honest, to me, that’s right up there with our Top 25 Ranking.*wink*


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  1. Very heartfelt note, Jenny! You help me to realize and appreciate the friendship we currently have here. Yeah, I also wish it would last long (forever :-)). I will remember to greet you every time we meet…

    My friend! xoxo

    Ha Dang

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