Breaking Myths…

Myth no 1: All cities in the US are as busy as the ones we see on TV shows such as Friends or Seinfeld or How I Met Your Mother.

Break it: Unless you are talking about New York, where these shows are centered in. Columbus is a nice, cozy place perfect for studies. You get everything here and yet it is not so overwhelming that it competes with your studies for your attention.

Myth no 2: Pack all Indian groceries that you possibly can because you don’t get any here.

Fact: You get almost everything here, except “mom-made” food. True, you don’t have an Indian grocery on the corner of every street, but you have a few where you get all that you’d need in your kitchen.

Myth no 3: You can’t survive here if you are a vegetarian.

Fact: Every restaurant or eatery will have at least one veggie dish .. even if it is just a salad. You just have to know how to be clear to the waiter when you order. Moreover, there are some very good Indian restaurants around where you get almost any kind of Indian vegetarian food. Also, if you are open to other cuisines, you do get a variety of vegetarian stuff.

I am still learning and I know there will be more myths to break in the coming months…