Collaborative Learning

This year I have a new approach to class work and managing time. Instead of signing up for group projects which are due the last 2 weeks of class, I signed up for one which is due on Wednesday and throughout the quarter. My theory in all of this is that if I spread out the work, I will be able to more fully dedicate my time and energy to each project and my exams as they come up instead of splitting all of my brain power amongst 10 different things at the end of the quarter. We'll see how it turns out, but so far, I am up to date on all of my readings, I am prepared up through the end of this week, and it feels good.

The group project due on Wednesday is for my MHR 869 - Strategic Management of Human Assets course. Our project is a case study about Jet Blue Airlines and talking about what their core competencies and strategy are, and also what advice we would give to them in order for them to have a sustainable competitive advantage through the years. My group is comprised of 3 MLHR students and 1 MBA student whom I admire for being willing to deal with 3 people outside of his program. Kudos to you Ross Ferrise!

Last night, we met to discuss our project and through it, the four of us worked really well together. Not only did we work through our task, but I think the 4 of us each learned something from the program, and through the collaboration of 2 programs' (MLHR and MBA) worth of information, I really feel as though we have prepared a thorough project that takes into account many perspectives. I learned all about Strategy Canvases. I know we learned about it briefly in Dr. Bendapudi's Intro to Business course last year, but I don't remember them too well.  I think it's an effective and quick way of getting your point across without using a lot of words. The "psychology" side of my brain is kicking in and thinking about the different learning styles of people and using a strategy map is a good way to make your point to those visual learners of the world.

The MHR 869 course has thus far been very beneficial to me because the mix of the MBA and MLHR students in the class has made for some really interesting discussions. I always feel it's good to learn from other people with different perspectives and backgrounds than you. So in that aspect, I appreciate the course for more than just the content offered.

On a side note, I have been getting to know a few of the new MLHR students. They seem pretty cool, from what I've seen. I think both the first years and the second years are very eager to form new relationships. It should be a great year!