I hate football!

O.K.  I don’t really hate football.  But I don’t love it either.  As a student at Ohio State (or simply a resident in Central Ohio) who doesn’t LOVE football can get a bit uncomfortable at times because it seems that everyone except you treats Buckeye Football like a religion of sorts and you are a leper, begging for mercy.  Even though I am not a true fan of Buckeye Football, I purchased season tickets (yes, that’s tickets – married students get to purchase TWO tickets, even if your significant other is also not really a fan…).  You may be wondering why I would spend all of that hard-to-come-by cash on tickets to five events that I don’t really care about.  The answer is actually quite simple:  I love marching bands, fanfare, pageantry and tradition.

This weekend my daughter and I took part in one of the Ohio State Marching Bands long-standing traditions: The Skull Session.  The Skull Session began as a final memorization run-through for the members of the band.  Over time the Skull Session has become a giant band driven pep rally with 10,000 of your closest friends!  The best part?  It’s absolutely FREE!  You don’t need a ticket; you don’t have to go to the game afterward.  All you have to do is show up (2 hours prior to kickoff) and have a good time.

During the Skull Session, the band practices all of the music they will play during the game including the score for Script Ohio.  As the band plays, the drum majors and the sousaphone players practice dotting the “i”.  I am a big fan of low brass (I played some tuba in my day…) so I’ve included a video of this practice “dotting” for you to enjoy as well!

[youtube j4fn-NZtZpw]

If you don’t love football, are not a fan of low brass, and do not care for pageantry or tradition, Central Ohio is still a great place to live.  Just treat OSU game days as I once did – a really great excuse to hit the shopping malls!  Everyone else is watching the game so you’ll have the entire place to yourself.