Varsity Club

The sign at the Varsity Club on Lane Avenue
The Varsity Club on Lane Avenue

So enough history. Let’s talk about beer.

As you can imagine, our schedule in the Working Professionals program is a little bit different from that of students in the Full Time program.

Since there are no classes on Friday, the “day kids” start their weekends on Thursday at around 6:00pm, and they often do so at the Varsity Club.

This is the time that most of us working stiffs are just starting class. By the time we finish class around 9:45, they have generally moved on. So they take the first shift, and we take the second.

The Varsity Club is really close to the Fisher campus, just across Lane Avenue from the parking lot many Fisher commuter students use – so it is a convenient meeting place.

Due to its convenience and the friendly owners, the Working Professionals MBA Council organizes pizza parties there periodically as networking events. There is usually one on the first Thursday of the quarter, and there is a pretty good turnout – considering some of us have staff meetings in the morning. Of course, the Council does supply the pizza, and we business students know the value of free pizza.

During these networking events, we fill the place up pretty well:

The Varsity Club patio full of WPMBA students
The Varsity Club patio after Fisher evening classes let out
The Varsity Club patio before classes let out
The Varsity Club patio before Fisher evening classes let out

The VC also gets pretty busy around and during football games, or any sporting event. My wife and I watched the US tie England there in the World Cup along with a pretty good crowd.

Because we have less time to have fun, we tend to take it seriously.

With busy lives and intense classes, it’s critical to unwind once in awhile. And since we working professionals don’t spend much time on campus outside of classes, it’s important to make time to get to know each other and make friends. These networking events are the perfect time to do that.