I'm Not Ready For This

Well, at least that's what my MHR 869 (Strategic Management of Human Assets) professor Dr. Steffanie Wilk said. I have to admit I'm not really ready for classes to start again either. As Professor Wilk said, and I agree, she would be more ready if it were raining or colder, but it's not. It still feels like summer and part of me wishes it still were. Although, this is my last Autumn Quarter ever. I have been going to school consistently for 18 years, and I'm ready for a break.

A word of advice to the new class of MLHR students (and all students for that matter): plan your commute time out so that there's extra. I know that it may have taken you only 10 minutes to drive to campus when you were on a tour, but now that everyone is back, things get a little bit crazy. Allow extra time to find a parking spot. For business students, I have found that often there are always spots in the parking lot north of St. John Arena. This lot is the closest large lot to the Fisher complex. Most of the time, there are spots in the east half of the parking lot (closest to Fisher) but there are always spots in the west half. For those of you, who like me, are taking night classes, keep in mind that after 4pm, if you have a "C" tag, you can park in any spot (non-handicapped of course) but any "A" or "B" spot is yours for the taking. There is a parking lot on nestled between Curl Drive and Lane Avenue that is for "A" and "B" passes only, but when I get to campus at 5:00 for my 6:00 class, most of the spots are open. Again, other people know this parking lot and park there, so get there early, but it's always a fair bet it has at least one open spot.

Also, be sure to watch where you're walking, especially when crossing the street. A lot of times cars don't necessarily see you when they're driving through campus. And when you're driving, make sure to watch out for pedestrians, especially during the times in between classes - 18 minutes after and 30 minutes after (ex 9:18 and 9:30). This is when roads, especially Woodruff, are clogged with students walking to class, and often times you're stuck waiting for a few minutes before you can keep driving.

Earlier today I had my first class (MHR 869) and it went pretty well. Tonight I have MHR 862 (Seminar in HR Management). It'll be good to see everyone again and get things underway. I'll keep you updated on it all though. Here's to hoping the quarter shapes out to being great!