Oh, this is going to hurt ….

Quarter-to-Semester Update

Any student taking one class per quarter or any prospective student will be facing the Quarter-to-Semester conversion at OSU.  My concern is the student will lose credits or have to review redundant topics in class after the conversion.  This may be especially true in my case where I am cherry picking my electives first rather than following the “standard” curriculum flow.  At the very worst, students will have to take (and pay for) more classes.   I doubt OSU can make any promises to alleviate this concern.  Regardless, here’s a clip from Peter Koltak, former USG President and Member of the Semester Conversion Communications Subcommittee:

Ohio State is committed to protecting the academic progress of its students during the transition to semesters. A pledge to that effect has been developed by students, faculty, advisors, and advising administrators. The pledge is the university’s promise to students that they should see no disruption towards earning their degrees if they:

1. Decide on their major and degree within a time compatible with four-year graduation;
2. Meet the standards for progress defined by their academic unit and continue to complete appropriate course loads successfully; and
3. Actively develop and follow academic plans in consultation with their academic advisors.

Academic advisors will understand how the changes in courses and curricula may affect students’ degree programs, will know where and how programs can be flexible, and will be prepared to assist students in planning for on-time graduation. Students will be responsible for getting and using this advice, which will be essential to their progress toward their degree.

To see the full text of the semester conversion pledge to students, click here.