Back! And Recap of Graduation Week

After a busy finals week, a full-of-excitement graduation week, a relaxing home-sweet-home week, and a new-to-the-city Boston week, I am BACK, back to my Fisher blog. I will keep posting until September when the 2011 MAcc class assembles at Fisher.

I actually left Columbus half a month ago, but keeping my Fisher blog grants me a way to stay in Fisher, virtually. Feeling closer to the Fisher community reminds me the interesting details during the year. People from the Fisher family always give me the confidence to overcome any challenges in my new life in the new city. I will post more about my new life in Boston. This entry is reserved for a brief recap of the graduation week.

I still remember my graduation from undergrad. I had enough time, between my final exams and the graduation ceremony, to drive to Columbus for apartment hunting. This time was different. Although I had full five days after the finals, never did I feel sufficient the time I had remaining in Columbus. Tuesday, right after I submitted my last take-home final, I dragged my boyfriend, with my Ohio State marching band bear, to take pictures all around the campus. I tried to shoot for every corner in school, hoping the pieces of photos could preserve this special year in this special place in my mind….

Hm…that sounds sad, nevertheless, the rest of the week was infused with fun and happiness. The whole week’s schedule was packed with back-to-back events: my first pro baseball game initiated by the head of the Rabbits (see Nadia’s blog here), a crazy group trip to Cedar Point, the MAcc pre-commencement reception followed by a friend-and-family visit to the Columbus Zoo, and last but not least, the grand graduation commencement at the Shoe on Sunday. I was so grateful that I have many dearest friends and an always supportive family to make up this happy ending to my MAcc life. Although the day I packed everything onto my dad’s car and drove back to New York was unavoidably heartrending, the cheerful feeling brought by friends and family will last for a life time. A famous line we all know at heart--“Time and change will surely show”. Yes, they surely will.

My OSU marching band bear at the Long Walk on Oval