WPMBA Cookie Break

The Working Professional MBA Executive Council started an event last year that was hosted between the 6 PM and 8 PM classes. It has been said that this event makes that big blue furry guy from Sesame Street jealous. Yes, that’s right folks, C is for Cookie.

The idea behind the event was to provide motivation to get up out of your seat and converse with the rest of the WPMBA students during the break between classes.  Some call it networking, others call it empty calories, but most would agree- it is delicious.  Combine these scrumptious cookies with thirst-quenching Coca-Cola beverages, and you have just what you need to fuel you through that 8 PM class. After all, no one wants to fall asleep and miss the proper way to debit your contra-assets or even worse- have a closure conversation.

If you attended the event, did you enjoy the cookies and beverages? Did you meet anyone new? The Executive Council is currently accepting suggestions for future events. Please comment on this post or contact me directly with any comments from this past event or ideas that you might have for a future one at  Shawn’s Email.