Back to school…back to school….

Well, the good news is that I survived my 12-credit spring quarter of torture. The bad news is, my summer quarter is already off to a not-so-stellar start.

This quarter, I’m taking the 2nd year summer core classes – Global Environment of Business and some sort of Strategy. Instead of the traditional two ten-week classes, they’ve decided to have us take one class for the first five weeks, then the second class for the second five weeks. Ok, fair enough. I tell myself this will be easier, since I can focus on only one subject at a time.

The down side is, if you fall asleep doing your homework and miss one class, that’s like missing…One eighth? One ninth?…I don’t know… it’s like missing a lot of class. The midterm is now only three classes away, and I already took a hit to my participation grade by not being there today. Not good!

Hopefully I can redeem myself and prove to my group members that I’m not that “deadbeat teammate” who won’t pull my weight. I’ll just have to try really hard to make sure I never miss another class this quarter!

I hope you’re all having a better start to summer quarter than I am!! I guess it could be worse…at least I’m not in accounting!  =)