The head Rabbit has something to say!

The great thing about having friends? Every once in a while one of them will help you out with your blog. This post comes courtesy of Scott K., a fellow MAcc student and a die-hard baseball fan:

Most of the Harvard Business School cases Nadia and I worked on together for AMIS 823 began with a disclaimer that the case was not meant “to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation.” Anyone who would like to observe ineffective handling of an administrative situation could simply sign up for intramural softball at Ohio State. Umpires who don’t know basic rules and 50%+ forfeit rates due to teams being given less than 24 hours notice and told that the posted schedule is incorrect when they arrive at the ballpark are just the beginning of what you can experience.

Still, softball gave our group another opportunity to do something fun together away from school. When we weren’t winning, we resorted to what we usually do elsewhere: laughing at ourselves and giving each other a hard time for real or perceived quirks. This quarter those personal flaws became mythical enough to be chronicled in doodles and comic strips during before and after class.

Somehow my extremely handsome hockey playoff beard (which died too young and would have become even more glorious if our Penguins had gone as far as they did the last two seasons) became a common target. Eventually I got the impression that some people genuinely thought it was hideous, which is unfathomable. In the comics drawn by Nadia and our friend and teammate Chia-Lung, my beautiful beard became comparable to any number of objects, including a kiwi fruit and a bush that had grown so unruly that it swallowed a park bench.

I’m not the best sketch artist, so the only jokes I’ve put to paper were in the form of a Harvard Business School case that Fisher MAcc students might study decades from now. However, this guest blogger opportunity presents my chance to depict and describe the softball exploits of Nadia and Chia-Lung. Paying tribute to their class and durability, respectively, here are the 1983 Topps Evstiounina rookie card and the 1975 Topps Lee rookie card.

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