Only 2 more weeks of class this quarter

This past week, week 8 of Spring quarter, things began to wind down. I had group case analyses due on Monday and Tuesday. It’s good to know that the end of the quarter is close – taking three classes has taken a toll on me. I am hoping that I will get a little more sleep during Summer quarter since I will be taking only two classes. However, I plan on taking three classes two more times so that I can finish my MBA in eight quarters.

Today I went to see the documentary “The Art of the Steal”. I thought it was very interesting and entertaining and I recommend it to any of you who are interested in the subject matter. Personally, I have always been a big fan of impressionist art and the story of the Barnes collection is an interesting one. I also mowed the grass today which hadn’t been done yet this year and was knee high in some places. Luckily, my yard isn’t really visible to anyone because of a fence – I probably would have mowed it sooner had it been an eyesore to anyone other than myself.

That’s it for now. For Memorial Day weekend I am heading back to Chicago for my future sister-in-law’s high school graduation.