Two Weddings and A Formal

What a weekend. I’m sure I would have updated sometime before now, if I hadn’t been in a car all weekend. Since Friday, I have dressed up 3 times, was almost claustrophobic at the Fisher Formal, went to two weddings in two different states, and both of the brides names are Megan (the grooms had different names, Kyle and Chris – so still a “kuh” sound, but that would be too strange if they had the same name), and now I’m finishing up my IMS project from forever ago that practically got put on the back burner with everything else going on.

I promise to post pictures from the formal and the weddings, but there’s just too much to do right now. This week should be more relaxed than the last several have been. I only have one, maybe two group meetings, the rest is just writing papers and finishing the projects. Nothing too terrible.

Since school is relaxed right now, I’ll give a brief update on the wedding. My dress has arrived! I tried it on last Friday, I go for alterations this Friday, and it shouldn’t be too bad, really, just hemming and letting out the lining/slip thing on my hips. So, not too bad at all. Tomorrow, my mom and I go to our final cake consultation. I’m excited. It’ll be one more thing we can check off the list. About two weeks ago, we went to look at the reception hall to check up on the renovations they had during the winter, and it’s a good thing we went, because we found out the tables hold 8, not 10, so we had to buy more centerpieces. It’s good that we found out now, instead of two weeks before the wedding. Speaking of, t-minus 33 days. Isn’t that CRAZY!?!?! For all of you who are married, I’m sure you remember the month leading up to the wedding and feeling like you were freaking out. If you have any advice for me on how to calm the nerves, that would be amazing.

For now. I’m going to finish getting stuff ready for dinner tonight, finish my project, and head off to campus. Happy Monday!