Rise Above

Ever have those moments where something someone said behind your back eventually makes it to you.  Don't you hate that!  Doesn't it suck even more when it's someone in your family.  Throughout life and our careers we will receive criticism and be forced to face the sometimes pleasant and unpleasant opinions of how others think of us and our performance.  Assumptions and decisions will be made accordingly.

But, I guess the whole purpose of this blog post is to inspire someone who's reading this to "Rise Above."  Rise above the nonsense, and the sting of getting that wisp of criticism; get back out there and show them what you're made of.  And when that doesn't work turn to a higher power...No not your boss! ...the other higher power.  With maturity I've learned not to act so hastily in my response to issues like this, because in hindsight I generally tend to regret my decision of confronting that person or the issue.  Now I act with judgment!  I take time to let myself calm down...think over it for a day or two and then I make my decision. I wish I had known this 3 yrs ago, it would have saved me a world of trouble. Rise above people, rise above.