Meeting my mentor

The weather is really good today and I met my mentor, who is an HR director, in Dublin. We had met several times and I had shadowed with her twice.

We talked about my courses and projects this quarter. She definitely gave me lots of practical suggestion on how to fulfill the courses and projects.  One suggestion that impressed me significantly is that she asked me to read the newspaper as much as possible. She said I should be professional and I should consider the background and the procedure of the event, what HR can do in certain affairs, and consider more about the future.

Furthermore, she told me that I should be professional in the  company. Colleagues may feel uncomfortable if I am too close to them. I should speak and perform formally in the business community. It is kind of a surprise to hear from her about separating work relationships from friendship. I have never considered it before. Now I understand that friend is friend, colleague is colleague. Never speak informal topic in business environment, never lose control in business community. No matter how funny he is, every businessman should be serious in the work.

Thank you mentor for taking care of me and giving me really helpful advice.