Uncle Joe

I’m now able to add an important title to my name …  Uncle.   My sister and her husband had their first child on Wednesday night.  Her name is Grace Jacqueline Ravasio.  She’s amazing (from the pictures I’ve seen) and I am trying to work ahead on projects so that I have some time to return to Cincinnati and meet her.  Unfortunately, the third quarter is in full gear and this will probably be the busiest quarter of my MBA studies.   This Tuesday I have a finance quiz on stock options.  Studying for the quiz was a nice break from all the case studies I’ve been reading, but it somehow consumed my entire weekend.

On a different note, some of you might recall that I was a member of the FCOB intramural basketball team.  After receiving a black-eye from an errant elbow (thanks again, John), I determined that I was too old to continue playing competitive sports.  After a short hiatus from intramurals, the spring weather has coaxed me to return to the world of competitive sports and play on the FCOB softball team.  Although softball might seem relatively safe, I am quite sure that one of my classmates (probably me) will either get a black-eye or sustain some other serious injury while attempting to relive our glory days.  It should be fun.

Author: Joseph Fahrendorf

• Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio • Attended St. Xavier H.S.; rowed on the crew team • Moved to Connecticut in 2002 for college; earned a degree in History • Hired in 2006 as an Associate for an executive recruiting and corporate governance firm in Greenwich, CT • Left my job in May 2009 to travel in China & Europe before starting FCOB