Central Ohio Parks

It was a beautiful day for a family bike ride.  Taking the wife and kids to Sharon Woods Metro Part in Westerville is always a favorite for everyone and a great way to shed the stress of studying.  I even ran in to a fellow classmate today!

If you are not familiar, Columbus Metro parks does an excellent job with over a dozen parks scattered around the suburbs.  Metro Parks features 14 outstanding natural area parks and protects more than 22500 acres of land and water in seven central Ohio counties.  These are great for spending the afternoon with the family.  Find more info here:  http://www.metroparks.net/ParksMaps.aspx

If you prefer a park close to campus, try Antrim park.  Smaller parks are scattered throughout the city:  http://parks.columbus.gov

If you are more adventurous, consider the Delaware state park (it’s still in Ohio) .  The have a larger lake for boating activities and, my favorite, mountain bike trails:  http://www.ohiodnr.com/parks/delaware/tabid/729/Default.aspx

I promise to post more about the mountain bike trails when they open after the spring rain.  I can’t wait!