Duke MBA Games!

Normally it takes me a few days to collect my thoughts about an event and get it down on the blog but while at the Duke MBA Games this past weekend, I kept thinking, "I need to write about this is as soon as possible." The reason was that it was an amazing weekend.

A little back story first...

The Duke MBA games is a competition that brings MBA schools from all over the country to compete against one another, all while raising money for the Special Olympics of North Carolina. This year Fisher along with over 15 other MBA programs attended the event. What made this weekend amazing was not just the fun we had as a team but what we got out of it as well.

Each MBA team was paired with an athlete from the Special Olympics. Our athlete, Grant, was with Ohio State last year and requested to be with us again this year. He not only was awesome at all the events but had the best personality and great sense of humor in joking around with us on the field.

So how did we do? Well not only did we place in almost every event, Fisher raised more then $2,500 for the Special Olympics of North Carolina. This ultimately put is in Second place over all in the competition, the highest we have ever finished! Needless to say I am very proud of our team!

This past weekend was one of the best I have had at the MBA program for an amazing cause, one that my team and I are going to continue to work with locally in the future outside of the Duke MBA Games.

Here's a pic of our awesome Fisher group and athlete Grant who promised to join us again next year to try to win it all.

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