Internship…be confident!

Why are we in the MBA program? The most frequent answer may be “I am pursuing a better job and higher position.” For me, I am seeking a career change and redefining what I really like to do. I worked in the banking industry and was in charge of the development and promotion of electronic banking product. Now, I am especially interested in consumer products so it would be a great challenge for me to use a very innovative way to describe my transferable skills to the consumer product industry. Also, seeking an internship in the related area is very important for me because this is a great opportunity to prove that I am qualified for my interest.

Starting from the very first quarter, every student in MBA program knows that the most important “class” that we should take is “internship search.” However, this class is truly demanding and challenging, especially for international students. Because of the economic downturn and H1B issue, international students truly had a hard time finding a job. To be honest, I feel that if my American classmates have 10 opportunities, international students only have 1 out of 10 opportunities because very few companies accept F-1 visa.

Last quarter I applied for several internships even if some job postings stated that “US citizen only.” However I haven’t received any feedback. As a result, in this whole new spring quarter, I expect myself being much more proactive looking for internship. There are also some great internship opening in my home country, Taiwan, and I believe working in an international company’s branch in Taiwan will also be a nice choice.

Let’s stay confident and wish all international students (including me, of course!) will finally find their ideal job!



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  1. Hi Uncle,

    Yes…it really difficult. I am also looking back to Taiwan.

    BTW, how are aunt and Rita? Will Rita go to Taiwan this summer?

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