Quarter Quotes~

Winter quarter is over – finally, yeaaa!!!

Well the tough quarter is over now. The snow and FSA had made it particularly tough. Happy that it is done. The biggest highlight was the our Marketing project on PINK. Really proud of my core team. The end of quarter submissions and papers would haven’t been possible without the perfect team work. Kudos to team Uno Quatro!

Last post of the quarter means I open my notes to find scribbles of funny quotes. I think this quarter’s quotes are dominated by Prof. Sensoy and his satirical sense of humor.

“struggle a little bit”

“Evolution of a fry”

“There can be no free, risk free money”

“I can teach you derivatives in 10 mins”

“So much of life is easy when u know the trick”

“Certain other instructors wanted to know, if we gave u a final exam and never showed up”

“Now, Viao laptop wanted to know about continuous compounding”

“When you win the lottery keep me in mind”

“I am reaching 30 years of age, I am not going to do a derivation now.”

“Deal with your longing and heart break”

“We are these high power wall street analyst, making a zillion dollars, just applying basic math”

“I remember a few of you, (smirk)”

“Short selling is the opposite of buying, even more so then just selling”

“We assume that nobody is an idiot”

“Who here speaks French? Yeah Anna, ‘cause you grew up in France”

“Valuable exam time!”

“Math can be really helpful sometimes”

“You guys need to learn the techniques or the tricks of teaching”

“Try not to miss me too much now, but if you do, you have my email address”

“What is the only right answer in business? It depends!”

“Outside Fisher, the whole world is yours”

“I didn’t hardly know what to do with myself”

“Somebody BOLDLY proclaim”

“Guess out loud”

“As we all know, accounting apart from being infinitely boring, it is incredible stupid”

“I kid, I kid, accounting is not really dumb. You never know, one day an accountant could be the dean.”

“Accounts have done what they have done for good reasons but they are idiots”

“it is so much easier to talk then to listen, I guys will not believe how fast time goes when you are up here”

“Cash is more important than your mother”

“Blackwell is world class in Columbus”

“First you tell a dumb joke, nobody laughs then u tell how that was lame and everybody laughs, every single time”

“Here I can make a joke, even if it is lame”

“I stripped away all the complexity, you can thank me later!”

“All economic models are wrong”

“It always an adventure, either the board is missing or the funny clicker with lazer”

“If I am not allowed to make fun of your mid-term anxiety, is like saying I cant have any fun at all”

“I don’t know where he grew up, but where ever it was, nobody ever kicked anybody’s ass”

“Listen up…I am giving a speech here”

“You may remember, oh you may not remember, but in the 50’s in the classic movies the dealer was the most wealthy, and powerful person in town”

“Are my hilarious jokes, good good good”

“It is not only you who gets the benefit of my hilarious jokes”

“we live in an over-simplified world for a reason, on which I will give speeches in a few minutes”