Revisiting Franklin Park Conservatory

In mid-March the FPC opened two new exhibits: The Hot Shop and Blooms & Butterflies. In order to make good use of our student memberships, Geoff and I decided to pay the place a quick visit before leaving for Pittsburgh.

Some random observations:

1. Everything looked and smelled better (greener) this time around, and there was more exploring to do out-of-doors. I am willing to take a wild guess and say that summer will be an even more fun time to visit.

2. A flesh-and-blood artisan doing real time demonstrations out in the courtyard is much more exciting to watch than is a looped recording of glassblowing. It was amazing to see (and feel the radiant heat coming off) nearly-molten glass being cut and molded with ordinary scissors, tongs, and a wad of wet newspaper.

3. Butterflies: quite pretty from far away, but scary up close. In fact, the closer they get, the more they resemble winged caterpillars. It might be my bitterness coming through, because I spent ten minutes trying to photograph a blue one, and I have 100 pictures of a thin brown line and ONE photo of what I actually wanted to capture (it’s below). That bugger knew exactly when to flap his wings shut.