ULI Results, RealShare, Finals and then Greece!

I write this to you as a take a break from reviewing CAPM and Betas for my Finance final tomorrow.

ULI Results: Yesterday we finally got feedback on our ULI Project (see the post below). Although we didn't make it into the finalist selection our group fared pretty well, better then expected actually. (See full results here, they are pretty impressive http://www.udcompetition.uli.org/) Our feedback report noted that our project was well designed and was better then average along with our financial model that myself and ND slaved over for two weeks. Although we didn't win, it was a wonderful experience being able to build a proforma from scratch and helping design a whole new part of San Diego. Thanks to my group for making it a great experience. Maybe we will do it again next year!

RealShare: Part of being an MBA student is not just building a network within your business school but branching out and meeting professional from around the country. This past week I had an opportunity to do that with a trip to my hometown of Philadelphia for the annual RealShare Philadelphia conference. It was an event that had over 400 real estate professionals in attendance with different panels speaking on debt opportunities all the way to urban development, a passion of mine. It was a great to be able to take a day outside the academic environment and get back into the world of business. Having an opportunity to listen to great panel discussions along with meeting and reconnecting with national real estate executives was an experience that every student should seek out. It was also nice to be back in Philadelphia, albeit that it was for less then 18 hours.

Finals: Now we are in the last week of the quarter. It is that fun time, Finals! Luckily I am doing well in my one class that had an optional final in so it gave me ample time to study over the weekend for my other tests (I did get much more quality college basketball time in than originally planned). So after the first final this morning, so far so good. Two left and then it's spring break. Normally people on spring break go to hot places to drink beers and get a tan but this spring break I will be visiting my sister who is currently teaching English in Athens, Greece (She has her own blog called "Smiling at Strangers" which is pretty interesting). Needless to say I am extremely excited. I think my Nikon D40 with accessories will take up more room then the clothes I throw in my backpack. I'll be sure to share pictures!

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