One more final and then Spring Break

Tonight I have my last final for the quarter. The final is for my Operations Management class and I am really looking forward to finishing my 2nd quarter as a Working Professional MBA student. Thursday morning I am leaving for vacation/Spring Break in Italy with my girlfriend. We are flying into Milan and then heading to Venice, Florence and Rome before heading back to Columbus. I have never been to Italy before so I am really looking forward to it.

Next quarter, I am taking 3 classes so it will be interesting to see how much busier I am with school. It takes up a lot of my time as it is.

As I mentioned before, I am pretty bummed that I am going to miss almost all of the NCAA basketball tournament, but I am planning on recording the OSU games while I’m gone and I hope that the Buckeyes are still in it when I get back on the 27th. That’s it for now. I’ll check in one last time before I head out for vacation.

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