Food Reviews!: Continuing Up High Street

So the last post was all about the great locations in South Campus Gateway. Lets continue to move north on High Street and see what is offered.

PhatWraps: Talk about Phat! Hidden on 12th street across from the UDF, this wrap shop doesn't get the credit that it should. Full of delicious natural foods, these wraps are customizable and have lots of flavor. As you walk in you choose your protein (meat, chicken etc) and once they cook it on the grill, they throw it on a huge warm freshly baked wrap and let you go wild with condiments and fresh veggies. Delish!

Panini's: Now I don't think the Panini was invented here but they are massive. Although incredibly loud at times, this restaurant/bar offers huge TV's on game days and has, well, big Panini's. Usually they throw a whole chicken breast with your favorite condiments inside and it can get messy.

Chipotle: No need to review. I can't do it justice.

Bento Go-Go: Bento is a Chinese/Japanese restaurant with a lounge upstairs. I haven't been to the lounge but I have had some of the food. They have great typical Chinese dishes (Garlic chicken, General Tso's etc.) along with a wide sushi selection which from what I have had isn't bad for a fast place on High Street. By the way, if you're on a grad student budget like some people I know, the Chinese dishes are huge and enough for two meals.

OK well that takes us another block up High Street. We will continue with two more posts in the coming weeks of some additional favorites.


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March 16, 2010 at 1:14 pm
Robert Chabot

When I was in grad school (aka the 1800s), the site currently occupied by Bento Go-Go was a Skyline Chili on the top floor and a coffee shop (pre Starbucks explosion) called Insomnia on the bottom floor. Insomnia was convenient in that it was open 24 hours if I recall ... but it wasn't a great place to hang out. I remember it smelling odd and the crowd there was mostly of the "too-cool-for-school" variety.