Evan Turner is awesome!

The Buckeyes just beat that team up north again, in what had to be an absolutely heartbreaking loss for Michigan basketball. Michigan had taken the lead 68-66 with 2.2 seconds left in the game. OSU in-bounded the ball to Evan Turner, and he took it up the court, and got off a three point shot with about .3 seconds left. He nailed it, giving the Buckeyes a 69-68 win as the clock expired! I can say, seeing the sad faces of the Michigan fans, combined with the exuberance of the OSU fans, was pretty exciting!

Check out the video, it is pretty sweet. Evan Turner beats Michigan

What a clutch shot! It is definitely nice going to a school like OSU, where one can actually have some faith that good things like this will happen. I actually jumped off the coach to celebrate. Quite a fun game, and it just reaffirms my belief that the Buckeyes are going to make it to at least the Final Four!

What a fun weekend, tomorrow we face the winner of the Wisconsin vs. Illinois game. GO BUCKS!