Catching up!

Right so again my apologies for it being a significant amount of time between posts.  And everyone is busy so I really cannot complain.  This is just going to be a mish mash of things that are have been on my mind that you blog world need to be caught up on, the first of which are my group projects.

Now I know in the “real world” I will be working in groups of people where we all do not get along and we need to learn how to work together and being assigned groups by professors gives us a chance to experience that yada yada yada.  They way I see it is when I am working in the “real world” those groups are my job…I won’t additionally have a million other hours of reading/class projects/another job that will take my mind away from things. This quarter I have two HUGE projects.  When I say huge I mean one involves putting together a research project, making a survey, finding a company that is nutty enough to let a bunch of students administer a survey asking employees about touchy HR subjects, analyzing the little data we do come up with, and spinning a bunch of yarn about insignificant data from a quasi-experimental research project, put together in about 6 weeks. Sounds like it’s gonna be great.  However my group for this project I was able to choose myself, we all get along, we are all on the same page, we all communicate, we are all friends.  Not a headache because we are able to laugh about it and every time we get a p value of about a million, we just laugh and mark it down to the fact that our sample size is exactly the required 25.

My other group project…not so much.  It should be the simpler of the two, pretty self explanatory, less stress project etc.  However this group is not of my choosing and the sides seem to be shaping up to be 2 against 1 as in myself and a group member are on the same page (which is to do the perfect amount of work that will get us an A and leave it at that) and another group member is light years ahead of us in thought process, complexity, and coming  up with awesome work that makes my head spin aaaaand is slightly too much for the project requirements.  We are still not getting on the same page and we present Monday.  Wish us luck.

So that has been a big occupier and I am probably sending and receiving about 15 emails a day regarding group projects.

I have also been sick.  I got it from a classmate and I have been carrying around my own tissue box, assorted meds, hand sanitizer, and cough drops for the past week.  I feel like I am finally kicking it but I mean talk about the worst time to be sick.

Aaaaand I got my exam back Monday (the exam that I knew I didn’t study enough for) and got a B.  Not the end of the world at all since I have another exam and this whole ridiculous project left to turn in but this definitely means I will be putting in a little bit more effort for the final.  I will also  be sure to bring about 10 pens because in the midterm my one pen ran out of ink.  The next pen I pulled out also didn’t work so I had to switch to pencil.  I don’t think the prof liked that one so much….

In better news I finally get to start taking classes that should be more interesting in the Spring.  I’m taking staffing and compensation, both subjects about which I know very little so I’m excited to get a move on with a fresh quarter.  I’m also excited because two amazing artists are coming to Columbus and I get to see both of them in concert this month.  The first is David Gray who I’ve been obsessed with forever and he will be in Cbus on the 27th and then Train is coming on the 29th.  So super excited already bought both of my tickets and I cannot wait to go 🙂

Good luck on the last few weeks of classes everyone and get ready for Spring Break!!! Woop woop!

2 thoughts on “Catching up!”

  1. I understand how frustrating it must be to have a group member that wants to do more than “just get an A and leave it at that.” I’m one of those people who wants to own my work and really push myself, regardless of what I think the professor wants. I guess it’s a good thing that we were not in the same group 🙂
    My research methods group has been amazing, and I think that this has been an experience that will help me to excel this summer during my internship. We chose a large organization so that we could work on something substantive, didn’t ask questions about any touchy subjects, had a sample of nearly 400 members, and got some very significant and meaningful results. We’ve all got far too much to do this term, but I guess it sounds like you get out whatever you put in, right?
    I’m glad that next quarter appears to finally be more interesting to you. I know that research methods and statistics certainly isn’t for everyone. Hang in there!

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