The many faces of Warren

I’m sure most people have heard of Warren Buffett, one of  the most famed investors of all time. What people might not realize is how interesting, charismatic, and humorous he is! Mr. Buffett invites small groups of MBA students from schools around the continent to a Q&A session in Omaha, NE, as well as an amazing lunch at his favorite restaurant, Piccolo Pete’s. Approximately 130 students from seven different universities attended the event. Each school was permitted to ask several questions. I was honored to be able to ask Mr. Buffett a question on behalf of the Fisher College of Business.

Mr. Buffett is a true story-teller; he has the ability to weave decades of experience throughout answers to many different types of questions. He has obviously spent time reflecting on what he has accomplished; and it is clear that he loves to share his knowledge with anyone who is earnestly interested.

As a side note, meeting Mr. Buffett was neat for me for a personal reason – My father’s name is Warren, and his father’s name is the same as Mr. Buffett’s father’s name – Howard. My dad is also a person I look to for advice, not just about investing, but for life in general. He has done many interesting and unique things, and is a person I often go to for advice and information about many different topics.