A look inside Keybank

This weekend past was the culmination in a very busy period this quarter. Midterms are just over and finals are just ahead but in the mean time the KeyBank Minority Case Competition held our focus for the last couple of weeks. Over the weekend the team visited Cleveland, OH where the minority case competition was held and while acquitting ourselves well and representing Fisher with professionalism the team did not take home the winners medal.

The team had worked with great diligence on the project over the last four weeks with the presentation of ideas, and meetings to discuss the case being weekly and getting into more frequent meetings as the competition got closer. The event was excellently organized and gave everyone a chance to interact with other MBA students from all over the United States. The background of the case was increasing the community involvement in banking and also improving KeyBank’s online services to streamline their service and create a straightforward mobile banking service.

The team worked really well together and I am proud to have been involved with everyone who brought a range of exciting and well thought out ideas to the table. I had great time working with the Founding Partner and Director of operations Anthony C, the Director of Finance, Marini A, and Director of International operations, Emily  B., all of them very professional and talented business consultants!.  It was another excellent learning experience that Fisher, through the Minority Office,  is directly involved in. Fisher and KeyBank actually team up to organize the event and I was glad to be able to meet KeyBank CEO Henry Mayer , a very nice and approachable gentlemen, and other top executives in the bank. They produced an excellent event and everybody who attended was delighted with the warm welcoming experience in Cleveland. The host of networking opportunities was marvelous and also KeyBank showered the teams with gifts to remember their time in Cleveland.

To the winners Tulane University, LA congratulations and to the vanquished BKC consulting group (Fisher) hard but next year offers another opportunity.