Tests, Food and Cases

The past week has been a very busy one, both professionally and personally!

Fisher class events:

  • MBA 850 (Operations) midterm
    • This exam was fairly straight-forward, and had a good mix of conceptual and quantitative questions.
  • MBA 840 (Marketing) midterm
    • The exam was a 2.5 hour “take home” exam. We downloaded the exam, and then had 2.5 hours to type all our answers, then had to upload it.
    • It covered a LOT of ground. Even though marketing can be explained with several short acronyms (5C’s, 4P’s, STP, CARE…), it took me about ten pages to explain it all!
  • MHR 841 (Sustainability) midterm
    • This elective class is one of my favorites so far.
    • The midterm exam was a “take home” as well. We were given approximately a week to develop a “Lifelong Sustainability Plan” for ourselves. This assignment was very difficult, because there are so MANY factors that I needed to consider – job opportunities, my future family, possible health issues, governmental regulations, etc. I stopped and started this exam several times, and found that incorporating a variety of bullet lists and “SmartArt” really helped me get my point across.

Other Fisher events:

  • Chinese New Year Event
    • The Chinese Business Professional Students organization held a wonderful New Year’s celebration at Imperial Gardens a little north of campus. There was great food, lots of fun games, music, and traditional Chinese dancing.
    • Special thanks to everyone that helped plan this event!
  • CIBER and Big 10 Case competition teams announced
    • The first-year teams for these case competitions (which are held in April) were announced. Congratulations to everyone!
  • FGSA (Fisher Graduate Student Association) elections
    • The new student representatives for the MBA Class of 2011 are being announced today! Congratulations in advance to everyone!

Check back soon for my next post!