School Cancelled

It has snowed a ton this month. The radio today mentioned that it has snowed a total of 24″ this month, and the Columbus February record is only 29″, so with another couple weeks left, I assume that record will be broken.

Ohio State closed today, which shocked me, as everything I have heard indicates that OSU is only closed for a Level 3 Snow Emergency, which basically never happens. The day off is nice though, and there is certainly a lot of snow on the ground!

Sarah’s parents came to visit this past weekend, driving in from Richmond, so that was fun getting to see them. We had lunch at the Blue Danube on Saturday. That place is my new favorite dive, with cheap food, and a great “dive” atmosphere. The food was actually pretty decent as well, we will definitely make it back there at some point. Here is hoping the weather improves, but at this point, picturing an 80* day is mighty difficult!