Pizza Power Ranking

I don't if it's the weather, but lately I've been eating lots of pizza from various chains. I'm normally not a very picky guy when it comes to food, however, some of them are just downright awful. So give this post some thought the next time you're ordering pizza.

The rankings are as follow:

  1. Papa Johns - they've been my #1 and looks like it'll stay this way for quite some time. You can get The Works for $10.99 regularly. To me their overall taste is the best and you'll see the comparison below.
  2. Donatos - their ingredients actually taste more fresh than those of Papa Johns, but for the same pizza, The Works for example, it cost 40 % more with the coupon (60% without) so good ol' stingy me will stick with Papa
  3. Dominos - they're doing okay with their new pizza supposedly from all those commercials. I've never had Dominos before so I couldn't tell how much improvement it's been. One thing I do know is that you can get Papa Johns for the same price! So yeah they need to go out their ways to impress me.
  4. Pizza Hut - don't get tricked by their $10 any pizza deal! Not only did their pizza taste like it barely has anything on it, their crusts was so dry and rock hard I think I can plow snow with them! LOL

I have my eyes set on Tommy's next. Do you know any good local restaurants?