A Trek Up High Street: Food Reviews!

So as I mentioned in my first blog, I would at some point review some of the local eateries near campus. Well that Time has come so here we go…

First we will take a selection on the south side of campus. I live at South Campus Gateway, which is across from the Law School at the south end of campus. It has many amenities such as a movie theater, bars, clothing and most importantly, lots of food choices.

Five Guys Burger - Yum!

Five Guys: A must for that much needed Sunday burger to help you get your day going after a long Saturday night before. The burgers are excellent, not too greasy and made to your liking all with fresh ingredients.

Panera: I am not the biggest fan of the food there but their breakfast is pretty good. Try the egg soufflé if you have a chance but you can never go wrong with any of their fresh bagels.

Inta-Juice: Kind of like a Jamba Juice but a little less corporate. They have lots of different verities of fruits and juices, all made fresh before your eyes. A favorite on those days when you think your catching a cold.

Potbelly: I need to preface this and say I dislike subway because I don’t think it has any flavor. Potbelly on the other hand has simple sub sandwiches for the same prices and more flavor. My favorite is the Pb&J. It comes on a long roll that is toasted. Nothing like a warm gooey PB&J sandwich for lunch.

Eddie Georges: Now I am somewhat biased since I have a friend who is a bartender there but it is a great place to watch a game, weather it is for a big game or any Saturday OSU game. The place gets packed and filled with scarlet & gray, which makes for some great atmosphere. I have only eaten here a few times but each time I had a great meal. If you’re at the bar on a game day try their sliders. Sitting down? Try the steak dishes. All reasonably priced for a nice restaurant/bar and tasty too.

My friend Sara bartending on an OSU Gameday
My friend Sara bartending on an OSU gameday

Ok so that was a little bit of the food choices at the Gateway. Later this week we will continue up high street to some other favorites which include Chipotle, Insomniac Cookies, Ali Baba and more…..