Work/Life Balance

Throughout the stress of this week and my many obligations, I was reminded that it is important to always maintain a work/life balance.  Yet, while many of us hear this term and automatically think of the workforce, this term also can be extended into the life of a Fisher graduate student.  This week was a week of midterms, two to be exact!  Naturally, while you’d like to devote all your time to ensuring you’re prepared for the approaching test, that’s just not fully possible.  The world doesn’t stop just because you have midterms, and neither do the group projects you’ve been assigned during the quarter suddenly just disappear!

This week amongst my two midterms, I continued my regular schedule at my internship, made sure I attended an organizational meeting at school, worked on one group project, and am preparing for two more group meetings for another group project to round out the week.  That being said, it’s tremendously easy to get lost in the “grind” and to forgo other things that are important to you.

A few weeks back I wrote about my dilemma with staying on top of my fitness goals for the year.  Well, I decided that February was a new month (plus the shortest) thus it made for a perfect opportunity to get back on track with my workouts! …But what about midterms?  What about all the other obligations I have?  How will I fit it in, can I fit it in?  These are all the thoughts that followed my initial plans.  I was letting school/work get in the way of me taking care of me.  Soon thereafter I remembered the importance of making time to do the things I like, or pursue the things that are important to me. Hey, you’ve got to keep you sanity some kind of way, right?!

All of this is to say, yes your education is important, but so are you!  Make time for yourself and the things or people that are important to you.  You shouldn’t let your work consume you or stop you from pursuing other ventures.  I rest my case!