el Bulli and Innovation

Still up after watching the State of the Union, and about to crawl into bed with another case study and tea, my mind keeps wandering back to the case study I read earlier today for tomorrow’s Innovation class on Ferran Adria and el Bulli.

I am SOOO excited for this discussion. Mainly because I’ve wanted to eat at el Bulli for years and the closest I’ve ever come is eating at Jose Andres’ miniBar in Washington, DC.

Molecular gastronomy is fascinating, and it is SO tasty.

At Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this summer, I greatly enjoyed a molecular mixology seminar I attended led by Jacob Briars and Sebastian Reaburn. They are 100% responsible for sparking my affection for the Negroni cocktail after enjoying a freeze dried Negroni puff at that session.

In that vein – if I had extra time, my cocktail for the night would be a Mai Tai 3000.  Check it out… very cool stuff!

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