A Cloudy Winter

[caption id="attachment_4509" align="alignright" width="309" caption="Knowlton School of Architecture"]Knowlton School of Architecture[/caption]

Well it's official. The winter cloud has parked itself over Columbus until mid March. Although at times it can be cold and dreary, there is plenty that has been keeping my mind off the weather and on other things. As I mentioned in my last post I joined the ULI Case Competition. It has been a lot of work since getting our location (Downtown San Diego) and lots of hours in the Architecture building (see picture) which is across from the business school. My self and the other MBA student in my group have been busy building a proforma for Residential, Retail, & Office properties to see if what our architects want to build is feasible. So far so good but I am sure it will all change.

Along with the ULI Competition to keep my mind off the weather, I am on a team for the Fisher Internal Case Competition. This will be my first actual case competition with a true business focus. Kind of looking forward to it although it is going to take up my whole weekend.

And lastly, during these cold dreary times, one needs to engage in some physical activity. Well to fill that small space left in my schedule, my first inter-mural soccer match is this Friday. Wish me luck since I haven't played soccer since I was 12 years old. I wonder if anyone is bringing orange slices?3498947030_e35cbccf0c

Any blog requests? Food reviews? Bar Reviews? Class thoughts? Bueller?


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February 24, 2010 at 8:29 pm
Joseph Fahrendorf

Bueller? Bueller? I've got nothing for you...