Fisher, my route to the United Nations Headquarters Internship


One of the excitement in selecting Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University (OSU) was the small size of the program, the availability of merit scholarship with a free rent, and eventually the extreme flexibility of the program.

After one year in the program, a real test of that flexibility came with an internship at the UN headquarters in New York. The UN  HR department can only accept me for the Winter Quarter!!!!

That is the first time in my life I see all the top guys of a program working to fulfill the dream of a single student. The Associate Deans (Steven Mangum, Karen Wruck), the MBA Program Director ( David Smith), the Academic Director (Jen Mercer), the Career Service, the OSU International Office Director (Gifty) and other putting together meetings for making that dream come to pass for me.

It was like being an upscale guest in a presidential suite….

I am grateful to God and the Fisher’s team as eventually that dream came true, I started my internship at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York last week (January 18th).

It is very impressive, having as next office part of the team  in charge of the whole UN operations in Haiti. I had my first meeting with the UN Under Secretary General today and people from the different UN organizations and countries reporting…I was really impressed. A sense of the “behind the scenes” of the world’s affairs or what we look upon on the news. A lot of classified information though.

I will be working on the efficiency audit of the UN’s DM (department of management, in charge of “managing” the UN ), I will be focusing on the review of UN’s master budget procedures.

Fisher has been outstanding in preparing for that ultimate experience: from  the public speaking and presentation class from Professor Ankerman to the “forced” team work preparation and OB’s class. The feeling is like Fisher has given me a tool box that has most of the tools whenever I face a situation here.

You can meet anyone in the halls: from Bill Clinton to Angelina Jolie to the mass of ambassadors from +190 countries..

Stay connected for a blog on my UN experience….