Fisher Corporate Mentorship Program

This week marked the kickoff of the 2010 Fisher Corporate Mentorship Program.  The program, organized by the Leadership and Professional Development office, goes to great lengths to match over a hundred fist-year MBA with professional mentors working in fields that the students are interested in.  Like all mentorship programs, the participants (both mentor and mentee) get out of this experience as much as they put in.  The program lasts ten months (through October 2010) and as a guideline it is recommended that both parties set aside time to meet every month.

My mentor is David Brownstein a partner in UVG Ltd (a Columbus venture consulting firm), involved with the Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) Institute and veteran of the Fisher Corporate Mentorship program.  I got the chance to briefly meet him at the reception hosted at the Blackwell this week.  I’m looking forward to building a relationship with him and learning more about his professional experiences over the coming year.

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