Welcoming new members to the community

Hi, I am still trying to catchup on what is happening this quarter, I can’t seem to get off the winter break sleep cycle. So I am going to mix up old and new. This week’s highlight has to be the attempt to look at the left. MBA is all about numbers and data points. Marketing class this week focused on consumer behavior and we learned that a consumer may be far from that of a rational profit maximizing individual. So much for last quarter’s Data Analysis and Economics. To top it all of Artie Issac spoke to the class on Friday about leading from the heart. Do what you love to do. Forget numbers, forget MBA. Wonder if this is going to be a continuing theme or a week of aberration. One thing is certain though, the right answer in business always is that it depends.

The school is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King day. A brilliant individual. Check out his ‘I Have a dream’ speech here. In his spirit of change I have another compelling speaker worth a ear. Kiran Sethi has been doing remarkable work in India by empowering children to bring effective change. She calls this the contagious bug, the i can bug. Check it out here.

Now the old, we did welcome two new members to the Indian community here at Fisher more than a week back. Two member of the class of 2011 got married this winter break. A few of us got together to welcome their better halves. The night perhaps was a bit too much to handle. ‘Cause the center piece of the evening was hacked by the Mafias. Mafia is a game which was played till dawn and which has scared the trust between those who played for ever. Now I am certain that there is no trust between the players. It is a game that thrives on lies and deception. I am quite (un)happy to report that my classmates are near perfect liars. Not a word should be believed which comes out of their mouth, everybody was so adept at playing the game. I recommend this game to be played at any gathering of seven or more to find out people’s skill at deception. Nevertheless marketing class taught us this week that we have been manipulated by marketeers all our lives. Perhaps this is the beginning. Anyway the night was full of fun and it managed to ruin my entire week as never was able to finish my work all weekend. Check out a few of the pictures from the night here.

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  1. I have been part of this “MAFIA” cult, so, a general CAVEAT: “Dont over indulge in Mafia!” If Mafia is around, switch to the second best option or else you will loose the second nearest day [:p]

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