IF Workshop with Liz Saunders

Innovation Fisher, the brand-new Innovation-oriented student organization, kicked off this quarter with its first ever workshop this past Monday.  The workshop is part of a series hosted by MakeTools.com founder Liz Saunders focusing on getting consumers to express their unmet needs.

Although, we did not have time to sufficiently prep and debrief, the IF students were given the opportunity to work through an exercise describing The Past, Present and Future of Business.

Working in groups of 3 or 4, we very quickly sifted through a collection of stimuli—images, title cut-outs from magazines, and stickers—to create a collage describing what we felt The Past, Present and Future of Business looks like.  Towards the end of the session we came back together as an entire group and explained our collages to Liz and the other groups.

During future sessions, we will discuss how to interpret the collages and creation process to get at our unmet needs.

This workshop and others planned for this quarter are part of the Innovation Fisher Certification program.  For more pictures check out the IF flickr stream.

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(Pictures by Dave Shaw and Amar Zumkhawala)