The break is over…

After a three-week break from Autumn Quarter, we are now back at full speed.  It was definitely a good and worthwhile break, but I am ready to learn and have a very very busy 2010!

As you may have read from other bloggers, first week of classes is not just going through the syllabus, but actually having chapters to read and assignments due on week two.  In fact, our case study team for operations is meeting at Fisher on Sunday afternoon to prepare our first paper due on Thursday!

This quarter I am taking Operations Management, Cost Accounting, and a required public speech class – I can’t recall the official name of this class.  I had to miss classes on Tuesday, so all I know is that I have to give a persuasive speech this Tuesday (1/12) for 2-3 minutes!!!!  It should be fun preparing for it without any class notes =)

Regardless, it is nice to be back and no longer be a newbie at Fisher.  During orientation last Monday, I volunteered to give new students a tour of Gerlach and the Fisher complex and had the opportunity to meet the incoming students – some of which are actually in my class this quarter.

Newbies – WELCOME!  You will definitely find your experience at Fisher worthwhile and hopefully you will get accustomed to your new schedules in a week or so!

—-Gotta go – I have class assignments waiting for me…