Beards, Goatees and Mustaches, Oh My!

The first week back from winter break is always a great week. After a full three and a half weeks off, you feel ready to take on the quarter with a renewed vigor. Also, the twenty-something students who were studying abroad are all back. My favorite part of coming back from winter break though is the Fisher College Post-Winter Break Beard and Mustache Competition.

Last year, we came up with the idea of a beard growing contest over the long winter break. We had different events for each day of school, with special guest student, staff and faculty judges. This year we had 25 competitors with five to six guest judges every day. On Thursday, our EOTW (Event Of The Week) was held at a country bar where we fit in very well with our mustaches.

The week’s events were:
Day 1 (Mon) – Best Beard
Day 2 (Tue) – Unique Expressions (chinstraps, lightning bolts, serious creativity)
Day 3 (Wed) – Best Goatee (including fu manchus)
Day 4 (Thu) – Mustache Competition

Next year will be the 3rd Annual Fisher College Post-Winter Break Beard and Mustache Competition. I hope the Class of 2011 finds a way to grow the event even more. Maybe a corporate sponsor or two? A fund raising element? An all-bearded case competition? Looking forward to seeing the pictures next year on Facebook…

Mike ^_^