I Love Food – Wholly Joes Edition

Hello everybody. Tomorrow (01.04.2010) it’s back to the grind. I’m actually looking forward to it; after 3+ weeks of inactivity (well severely reduced activity), I’m craving the busyness of business school (wow, I just had to use the dictionary to make sure busyness and business weren’t spelled the same – that would be ironic).

So, my core team had our first meeting of the quarter this meeting at Wholly Joe’s. I am glad to report that, short of traveling to Chicago, it’s some very good Chicago style eating.


The menu includes Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Maxwell Street Polish, and Italian Beef (dipped, hot peppers, and sweet peppers!). The food was fantastic and I recommend anyone craving Chicago cuisine – or just a great meal – to stop by and check the place out!


One thought on “I Love Food – Wholly Joes Edition”

  1. Evidently; if any New Year resolutions pertaining to dieting was made; this food excursion was done prior to January 1st, 2010.

    I made that very resolution and have struggled with it for what seems like months; only to look at the calender and see it has only been a few days. Then on top of that; I make the mistake and read your blog; thank you for all your inspiration. Tim

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