Florida Trip-Coast Ride

I have never experienced roller coaster ride before. This was the first time that I ride a roller coaster ride. It was in the Universal Studio, Orlando. The name is called “Mummy”. I got on it and did not know what will happen ahead. Just wait silently in the cabin. And the most exciting and challenging time is that it will stop and start immediately. Its highest point is that you will never know what will happen ahead. The turning point challenged me a lot. It suddenly stopped in front of a wall and returned back in an accelerating speed. It was really a good memory to me. I cannot forget it.

After I experienced it, I knew how it works and I was braver and tried more coast rides in the following days, including the Thunder Train, Splash Water, and Simpson. The most unforgettable moment was during the Thunder Train. A five year old girl sitting beside me was quiet and brave. This impressed me really lot. I think we should let children experience more to help build up their bravery.